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Anhui , also known as Wan, is located in Southeast China .  Mountains and hills make up two thirds of its total land area.  It has abundant tourist resources, beautiful landscape, places of historical interests, and rich folk customs.  The most famous scenic wonders include Mt Huangshan, Mt Jiuhua, Mt Tianzhu, Mt Langya, and Mt Qiyun.

Many traditions have been carried down through the ages, among them: carrying the pavilion, dragon dance, throwing the embroidered balls, crying for the bride, carrying the bride on the back, tea ceremonies in Huizhou, and temple fairs.  Major festivals include the Bean curd Festival, Poetry Readings, and sacrificial ceremonies to Lord Bao Zheng.  The most popular customs in northern Anhui are rooster fighting, quail fighting, and paper cutting.

The best time to visit the scenic areas in Anhui is in autumn (September, October, and November) and spring (April, May and June). However, the snow scenery of Huangshan is absolutely fascinating during the winter.

Main Attractions:

Mt Tianzhu -  This is a national scenic spot famous for its magnificent  cliffs, as well as numerous mountains and valleys that are enveloped by fog.  It boasts of many places fof interests and is home to varied species of plants and animals. Tourists attractions are: Mt Meishan, Savage's Village, Eat Pass , West Pass , Peace pagoda, Sanzu temple, Tianzhu Peak , the Rock Flying from Elsewhere, Immortal's Bridge, Liandan Lake , and the Cliff Carvings.

Mt Langya Reserve - It has dangerous but beautiful peaks, snaking mountain paths, dense forests, springs, lakes, caves, and many species of plants and animals.  Famous tourist attractions are the Langya Temple , Zuiwong (Drunken-Man) Pavilion, and the South Heavenly Gate.

Mt Huangshan - It has all the wonders of mountain scenery, spectacular rocky peaks, oddly-shaped pines, crystal clear springs, and seas of clouds. It has convenient  transportation, well-equipped hotels, and has established three cableways.

Memorial Temple to Lord Bao & Bao Zheng's Tomb - It is located at Baohe Park  where a stone statue of Bao Zheng can be seen. It was where Bao Zheng read books in his childhood.  The temple houses many precious relics.  The tomb where Bao Zheng was burried is a tourist attraction in itself, with the cemetery being surrounded by trees.

Tiantangzhai National Forest Park - Located in the Lu'an Area, this park has rich water resources and cliffs that give form to many waterfalls. Tiantangzhai is known as: The World of Coolness, Ideal Summer Resort, Kingdom of Plants , Paradise for Animals, Land of Azaleas , and the Hometown of the Giant Salamanders.

Taiping (Peace) Lake - Located at the southern foot of Mt Huangshan, this lake has over 10 islets of various shapes, fishing boats, and bamboo rafts.  Tea trees and simple-styled residences laid with bricks and painted walls are reflected in the mirror-like lake.    Tourist attractions include: Deer Island , Monkey Island , Egret Oasis, and ponds for snakes and crocodiles.

Mt Qiyun - It is famous for its Danxia land formation, with numerous scenic spots and secluded caves.  It is one of the four famous mountains held sacred by Taoism in China . Over the past dynasties, men of letters came to visit and left behind thousands of poems and inscriptions to say praises to the beauty of the mountain.  A cableway is open that offers great traveling convenience to visitors.

Mt Jiuhua - It has many peaks and temples and is one of the four famous mountains held sacred by Buddhism in China .  Ancient cypresses can be seen on the mountains and hills, so with waterfalls and springs.  There are more than 80 temples, nine of which are the major ones and are under state protection.

Ancient Steet in Tunxi - The street is lined on both sides with buildings in the Ming and Qing styles. Buildings are mainly brick and wooden structures topped by gray tiles, adn decorated with woodcarvings.  Factories or residences abound at the back of most stores and shops.

Chaohu Lake - It is famous for its abundant scenery and abundant materials.  Small islands are seen one next to the other along the lakeside.  The beautiful natural landscape and many scenic areas make it a good holiday resort. Major tourist attractions are: Mt Laoshan, Zhing Miao Temple , Mt Yinping, and the Immortal's Cave.  It is also know for its tree treasures - its silver fish, small shrimps, and crabs.

Ancestral Temple of Hu's Family - This is the ancestral temple of Hu Fu , minister of revenue and minister of war of the Ming Dynasty.  The temple has elegant carvings on pillars and beams, and best exemplifies  woodcarvings of the Hui School .

Tomb of Li Bai - This tomb of the great poet of the Tang Dynasty, which lies at the foot of Mt Qingshan, covers an area of three hectares and is surrounded by ancient pines and willow trees.   Near the tomb is a memorial hall which houses stone inscriptions of past dynasties and paintings and calligraphy by distinguished artists. 


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