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Hangzhou is the provincial capital of Zhejiang , and the province's political, economic, cultural, transport and tourism center. With a time-honored history, Hangzhou is one of the famous historical and cultural cities in China , and one of the country's seven major ancient capitals.  It ia also a renowned garden-like city and a top tourist city in China .  Hangzhou lies by the waters and hills, showing natural, exquisite and picturesque scenery.  Together with Suzhou of Jiangsu Province,  Hangzhou is praised as the " Paradise on Earth".  As early as in the 13th century, Marco Polo, a famous Italina traveler, grasped in admiration at scenic Hangzhou , saying "it is the most beautiful city in the world".

Rich in tourism resources, Hangzhou has two well-known national scenic areas - the West Lake National Scenic Area and the Fuchun River-Xin'an River-Qiandaw Lake National Scenic Area. If you come to Hangzhou on any of the three days after the Mid-autumn Festival (the 15th day of the eight lunar month), you will witness the spectacular Qiantang River Tidal Bore - when a huge wall of water rushes in with a thunderous roar.  It is one of the scenic wonders in the world.

Whatever the weather, Hangzhou paints a pretty picture. In the winter, light snow blankets stone brides and walkways and spring and summer bring blooms of flowers. The best time to visit Hangzhou is in the fall, when the weather cools and the rains decrease.

Main Attractions:

West Lake National Scenic Area - It is located on the western fringe of Hangzhou City and is surrounded on three sides by rolling wooded hill, covering an area of 60 sq km.  The lake is 3,3 km from south to north, and 2,8km form east to west, with the water area being5.6 sq km. Major scenic spots can be seen here, so with some celebrities' memorial halls.

Three Pools Reflecting the Moon - To the south of the lesser Yingzhou islet on the West lake are three gourd-shaped pagodas. Each hollow pagoda has 5 hole.  When lights are put inside the round holes of the pagodas on moon-lit nights, their reflections and that of the moon form a most enchanting view.  It is one of the 10 major scenes on the West Lake .

Six Harmony Pagoda - This was first constructed in 970.  The existing pagoda was reconstructed in 1153 in the Southern Song Dynasty.  Built of wood and brick, the 60 m-high pagoda has 13 upturmed eaves which become progressively narrower toward the top.  A Spiral staircase leads to the top of the seven-storey pagoda.  Inside the pagoda, visitors will find a large amount of brick carvings.  An excellent view of the Qintang River is afforded from the top.

Dragon Well and  Tiger Running Spring - Whenever the spring water in the Dragon Well is stirred, there would appear a marvelous " water dividing line" on the surface.  With a history of more than 1,200 years, the Dragon Well tea ranks first in the 10 top teas in China .  The Tiger Spring Scenic Area includes the Tiger Running Temple , Tiger Running Spring, and the Lord Ji Hall.  With sweet and mellow water, the Tiger Running Spring is known as the " No 2 spring on earth".  The celebrated Dragon Well tea brewed with water from the spring is especially fragrant.

Yaolin Wonderland - This is one of the "40 top tourist attractions in China ".  The wonderland is composed of seven karst caves lunked with each other.  Its scenic attractions include the Milky Way Hanging Waterfalls, Yingzhou Ornamental Columns, Jade Pillars supporting the Sky, and the Yaolin Jade Peak .

Fuyang Special Tourism Area (with Happy Farmers) - This tourism area features mulberry trees, golden sands, birds singing, frangrant flowers, thatched cottages with bamboo fences, displaying a beautiful country picture.  A visit to the farmer's home may make tourists have an understanding of traditional production and the way of living of the farmers in China .

Lingyin Temple - Constructed in 362, the Lingyin Temple is one of the 10 most renowned Buddhist temples in China .  The main halls in the temple are the Hall of the Heavenly kings, and the Grand Hall.  The Grand hall is the best preserved and the tallest building with a gable roof in China , and also houses the largest seated Buddhist statue in the country.

Yue Fei's Tomb - General Yue Fei was a well-known great patriot of the Song Dynasty.  In the temple hall is a 4.54 m-high statue of Yue Fei in martial gear. Aboev the statue are four characters in imitation of Yue Fei's handwriting which read: " Recover Our Lost Territories".  The tomb passage to Yue Fei's tomb and  that of his adopted son Yue Yun has stone statues of officials, officers, and beasts.  Before his tomb are four iron statues in a kneeling position - Prime Minister Qin Hui, his wife, and two accomplices in the murder of the great patriot.

Song City - As the largets park with the Song culture as the theme in China , the Song City is composed of four scenic areas. The Reproduction Area vividly displays the prosperous capital of the Song Dynasty and offers various kinds of activities such as tossing colorful balls, doing handwork at workshops, and burning beacon fire.  In the evening, the large scale performance of the Song Dynaststyle songs and dances can be seen at the Art Square .  In addition to this, films are shown with a large water screen.

Qiandao Lake - Located  in Chun'an County, Qiandao Lake has 1,073 green islets, hence the name Qiandao (1,000 islets). This scenic area has green hills, clear waters, picturesque natural scenery, and an excellent ecological environment.

Tianmu Mountains - Located in Lin'an County, Tianmu Mountains are known for fall trees, peaks surrounded by clouds, cliffside springs, weird rocks, nunneries and temples, and tea and bamboo shoots.  This ancient mountain is also known to be the "weird mountains to the south of the Yangtze River ".  West Tianmu Mountain is a summer resort, amd was listed as the national forest and wildlife nature reserve in 1956



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