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Huanglong us located on the northern part of Sichuan Province .  It has a total land area of 1,340 square kilometers, with its whole scenic area composed of seven scenic spots namely: Huanglong Gully, Red Cloud Canyon , Xuebao Peak , Xueshan Ridge, Red Heart Rock, Dragon-Dropping Water and West Ditch. The area has natural scenery - colorful lakes, snow-capped mountains, karst caves, lush green valleys and forests, enchanting waterfalls, and reare landscapes.  It also has Tibet-style ancient temples, and other historical and cultural sites that show the Tibetan, Qiang, Hui, and Han folk customs.

Huanglong has good communication facilities - mobile phones can be used, there are public payphones and internet cafes, and convenient forms of transportation. 

The best time to visit Huanglong is between July and October, when autumn is on its way.

Main Attractions:

Huanglong Gully - This gully is famous for its lakes, waterfall, shoals formed by glaciers, karsts and rocks.  The Bianshi dykes and colorful lakes are the most wonderful of these sights. There are more than 3,400 colorful lakes of different sizes and shapes - with the different reflections of the sunlight producing varied colors as milky white, green, dark brown, light yellow, or light purple.

Xuebao Peak - It is the main peak of the Minshan Mountain and is one of the sseven sacred mountains of the Bon of Tibetan Buddhism.  The pyramid-shaped snow-capped peak boasts of both rich ancient glacier relics and modern glacier scenes. 

Xueshan Ridge - This ridge is the only passage to the Huanglong Scenic Area. One can enjoy the Xuebao Peak and the changing wonderful sea of clouds when standing on this ridge.

Red Cloud Valley - It is a valley on the upper reaches of the Fujiang River .  This scenic area has magnetic peaks, perilous cliffs, high and steep rocks, currents, towering waterfall, ice pillars, clear springs, and forests, which makes the valley look like an art gallery. This offers a beautiful spot for painting, photography, and sightseeing.

West Ditch - This main ditch in the Red Cloud Valley Scenic Area, has frigid temperate monsoon climate, with long mild winter, and short summer.

Huanglong Ancient Temple - This magnificent temple was designed following the physical features of the hill, with flying eaves, and painted carved beams.  The gate  of the temple was painted with colorful huge dragons, with horizontal boards bearing inscriptions describing the beautiful scenery of the temple.

Huanglong Cave - About 10 meters away from Huanglong Temple is this cave with fantastic stalactites and clear water springs. Tourists can go 100 meters deep into the cave and see numerous small caves and three 1.2 meter-high sitting statues of Buddha form the Ming Dynasty.  The statues are light yellow and are all glittering in the light.  There are many more delicate and glittering stone screens, waterfall, and pendant lights which all make this a brilliant artistic palace that is worth viewing.

Red Heart Rock - This rock can be seen on a huge and rugged black mountain, appearing as a huge heart shaped area that is very bright and eye catching. As the sun sets, the whole part of the Red Heart Rock looks golden and its shape is reflected in the lake situated at the bottom of it, showcasing a real mythical beauty.



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