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Kunming , the capital of the Yunnan Province is located in the middle part of the Yunnan - Guizhou Plateau.  With a pleasant climate, it has fresh flowers in the four seasons.  Hence , it is called the "City of Spring " and the "Capital of Flowers".  Kunming is one of the famous historical and cultural cities and one of the ten major tourism cities in China .  It is a developing international tourism city as well. With beautiful mountains and rivers, Kunming gathers a large number of natural scenic spots and historical sites.  Its time-honored history and unique geological structure have left abundant tourist resources to Kunming .  It is inhabited by 26 ethnic groups such as the Han, Yi, Bai, Hani, Zhuang, Dai, Miao, Hui, Naxi, Yao , Jingpo, among others.  With this, tourists may have a taste of the unique customs of various ethnic groups in Kunming .

Kunming is suitable for sightseeing throughout the entire year. The best time to visit however is between march to October, when the have the most ethnic festivals. It is also during this time when they have the most fruits and flowers.

Beautiful Kunming is always ready to welcome you!

Main Attractions:

The Garden of the World Horticulture Exposition - It is inside the Golden Hall Scenic Zone, 6 km from the city proper, and features the organic combination of the exhibition halls and areas, integrating mountains, waters and forests. It is composed of five major halls - China Hall, Man and Nature Hall, Large Hothouse, Science and  Technology Hall, and International Hall.  There are three outdoor exhibition areas and six special gardens, which represent the latest horticulture achievements in the world. The gardens display arts and cultures of various countries and integrates appreciation, knowledge, and entertainment. 

Grand View Park - The Grand View Park integrates hills, waters, pavilions, and towers. The park consists of the Jinguanpu, Grand View Tower , Louwailou, Luyuan Garden , Genyuan Garden , Flower Nursery, and Cypress Garden , of which the Grand View Tower constructed in 1882 was the most famous.  With a nanmu structure, the Grand View Tower is well-proportioned, and elegantly decorated, with upturned eaves and corners.

Golden Hall Scenic Area - It has a bronze Supreme Harmony Palace constructed in 1671.  It is the largest and best-preserved bronze architecture.  In the scenic zone, tourists can also find the well-known Bronze Longevity, Seven-Star Flag, Seven-Star Sword, Treasure Sword, and Yongle Bell, each showing its own unique characteristics, in addition to the largest camellia garden in China .

Stone Forest Scenic Area - With an area of 350 sq km, the Stone Forest Scenic Area with karst landforms is a national scenic area and the 4A-class scenic area in China .  It includes eight major zones, such as the Stone Forest , Changhu Lake , Black Pine Range , Dadieshu Zones among others.  It also boasts of stone parks, pillars, bamboo shoots and stalactites, underground rivers and karst caves.  In the Stone Forest Scenic Area live the Sani People of Yi ethnic group. A grand celebration of this ethnic group called the Torch festival on the 24th day of the sixth lunar month every year.

Jiuxiang Scenic Area - Located in the northeast of Yiliang County in Kunming City is this scenic area which consists of nearly one hundred underground karst caves, known for their magnificence and elegance. Its main scenic spots include Yincui Gorge, and the Underground Canyon , a karst cave running through an ancient river and divine fields.  Yincui Gorge

is also called the "Lover's Valley", where couples can take a romantic boat tour. The karst caves in Jiuxiang Township enjoy the reputation of being the " Museum of Karst Caves" and "Mysterious Earth Legacy".  Jiuxiang Township is home to the Yi and Hui people.

Dianchi Lake - Dianchi Lake is known as the "Kunming Lake-the Bright Pearl on the Plateau".  It is the sixth freshwater lake in China .  It is flanked by Golden Horse Hill and Green Chicken Hill.  Taking  a boat tour in the vast expanse of the Dianchi Lake will make tourists enjoy the magical scenery.  The misty surface of the lake fuses with the sky, and the lights of the fishing boats make it seem like a continuation of the starry sky above.

Yunnan Ethnic Village - In the  southern suburbs of Kunming is the Yunnan Ethnic Village .  It is a window reflecting and displaying the societies, cultures, and customs of the 26 ethnic groups in the Yunnan Province .  Various kinds of houses in different shapes, colorful ethnic minority costumes, and beautiful and humorous songs and dances will make tourists fully appreciate the customs of these ethnic minorities.

Cuihu Lake Park - This mid-lake islet is the central tourism zone of the park.  It includes the Mid-lake Pavilion , Fish Appreciating Tower , and the Waterside Pavilion. This park grows flowersf and trees all year round. From November to March, a large number of red-beak sea seagulls from Siberia come to Yunnan . It is a magnificent site when thousands of these red-beak seagulls fly among the pavilions, terraces and towers in the Cuihu Lake Park .

Kunming Zoo and Yuantong Temple - The Kunming Zoo is located in  Yuantong Mountain to the north of the city proper. It is the largest and comprehensive park in the city integrating scientific research, performances by animals and  cultural entertainment.  Going down from the Kunming Zoo along a flight of steps on the southern side of the mountain, is the Yuantong Temple . With a history of over 1,000 years, this ancient temple is the largest one in Kunming . This temple boasts of water-side pavilions, terraces and towers, golden and painted buddhist statues, and endless worshippers. The buildings in the temple are constructed according to the terrain, with the main hall lower than the gate.

Western Mountain Park - From a distance, this mountain looks like a young girl lying in the lake, hence the name " Sleeping Beauty". Standing by the Dianchi Lake , the western mountain peak embraces the Green Chicken, Arhat, Huating, and Taihua Peaks .

Black Dragon Park - In the ancient times, it was a famous Taoist Temple .  There are now two Taoist temples - the lower one is the west is called the Black Dragon Palace , and the upper one on the east is the Dragon Spring Taoist Temple .  In front of the Black Dragon Palace are two ponds, of which is the Black Dragon Pond.  The water of the Black Dragon Pond spurts from underground, without ending.  The Dragon Spring Palace has layers and layers of halls and pavilions, and grows various kinds of trees and flowers.  The most attractive in the courtyard are some ancient trees, such as the plum trees of the Tang Dynasty, the cypress tree of the Song Dynasty, the Fir Tree of the Yuan Dynasty, the tea tree of the Ming Dynasty, and the magnolia tree of the Qing Dynasty.  These ancient trees add radiance and beauty to the Taoist Temple .

Qiongzhu Temple - Lying at the foot of the Yu'an Mountain in the northern suburbs of Kunming is this oldest Buddhist temple in the Yunnan Province .  When entering the gate of the temple,

tourists will immediately feel the ancient, solemn, quiet, and unsophisticated ambiance of the temple.  Here, visitors can also find the couplets written by celebrities, as well as the clay sculptures of 500 arhats, which are known as the "bright pearl in the Oriental treasure house of sculpture arts.



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