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Mount Emei

Mount Emei is seven kilometers southwest of Emeishan City   in the Sichuan Province .  The scenery in Mount Emei is magnificent, elegant, mysterious, and wonderful!  It is naturally beautiful and also has places of significant cultural and historical importance.   This " Famous Mountain under Heaven" is likewise a natural zoo and botanical garden with a great variety of rare and ancient plants and animals.

Activities for visitors include mountain climbing, joining Buddhist rites, appreciating the moon and flowers, crossing ravines, viewing the sea of clouds, appreciating the sunrise, visiting the Golden Summit, and playing will local monkeys.  Owing to its special geographic conditions, Emeishan has many rare and precious local products including Zhuyeqing Tea, Erui Tea, Snow Shoot Tea, Bitter Bamboo Shoot, Fern, Snow Taro, Honey Pomelo, Emei, Ginseng, and wood-carved walking sticks and other kinds of wooden handicrafts.

Transportation is not a problem in this area as there is the Chengdu-Kunming Railway Line which runs through Leshan City . The sea route Leshan-Yibing-Luzhou-Chongqing is also a very convenient form of travel by water.  The highways also offers convenient ways of getting to Mount Emei and its neighboring areas.

The best time to visit Mount Emei is from May to October.

Main Attractions:

Memorial Gateway - The Memorial Gateway is the largest of its kind in China .  It shows the architectural style of the Ming and the Qing Dynasties.  It is 17.8 meters high and 22.2 meters wide and was rebuilt in 1993.

Baoguo Temple - It houses Solemn Buddha Statues and is the starting point for mountain climbing.  It is the largest temple in Mount Emei , making it the main place for Buddhist activities in the region. The temple houses statues of Maitreya, Sakyamuni, Samantabhadra, and a lot more.   The most precious one of these statues is the gilded statues of the Seven Buddhas in the Seven Buddha Hall.  The ancient nanmu trees and the bamboo groves add magnificence and a sense of solemnity in the environment.

Fuhu Temple - This temple is surrounded by forests and streams of pristine purity.  It is for this reason that Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi named it The Ligou (Away from Dirt) Garden.  It houses the bronze Huayan Tower of the Ming Dynasty.

Qingyin Pavilion - This is the site of the traditional scenic spots - the Double Bridge and the Qinying Pavilion. Visitors will reach the Qingyin Pavilion by passing the Wanding Bridge through the Guanfu Temple .  At the foot of the pavilion are two bridges over the Heilong (Black Dragon) and Bailong (White Dragon) streams.  Between the bridge stands the Niuxin Pavilion , at the foot of which lies a huge heart-shaped rock where the two streams join.  The turbulent waters of the two streams merge below the pavilion.  When this happens, the waters crash against the rocks and makes a thunderous roar, throwing water into the air which forms pearly flowers. 

Hongchun Flats - This scenic spot is called Hongchun and Drizzle in the Early Morning. There are two Hongchun trees - one was burned in the reign of Qing Emperor Kangxi, which is withered but not rotten, and another with a mass of branches and leaves.  After a period of drizzle on a summer morning, the mist covers the ground, which is a pleasant sight.

Jiulao Cave - This is where the traditional scenic spot Jiulao Fairyland is located.   Halfway up the mountain, the karst cave is 1,752 meters above sea level and 1,500 meters long.  There are numerous hanging stalactites, mist and clouds, singing birds and chattering monkeys that make this place like a fairyland.

Wannian Temple - This temple houses the bronze statue of Samantabhadra mounted on a white six-tusked elephant. This temple is made of bricks without any beams, and is covered with beautiful paintings.  Outside the temple, one will hear the pleasant and soothing croaking of the frogs.

Elephant Bath Pond - This is a hexagonal pond, where Buddha Samantabhabra stopped to wash his elephant on his way back to the Golden Summit, so the legend says. This is also the best place for viewing the moon.  It is a good place to appreciate the azaleas, forests and temples, which are especially enchanting on moonlit nights.

Snow-Covered Dongping Flats - This traditional scenic spot lies in between the Heilong and Bailong streams. With an elevation of 2,500 meters, the snow-covered ground in the late autumn, together with the thick fir forest and the rime along the hillside creates a beautiful landscape of ice and snow.  The Leidongping Ski Ground is always thronged with visitors during this period.

The Golden Summit - In the pinnacle of Mt Emei is this traditional scenic spot known as The precious Light at the Golden Summit.  The sunrise is exciting to see - at dawn, clouds gradually gather and reddens in the east.  These fiery clouds then parts as the sun bursts forth to brighten the day.  The mountains are then bathed in sunlight as the crimson clouds fill the sky. When it gets dark, one will see numerous glimmers moving in the dark, creating a scene from the legend of the ten-thousand sacred lights moving around the Buddha Samantabhadra (Buddha's halo).  The best time to view the Buddha's halo and Emei's precious light is in the afternoon atop Sheshen Rock of the Duguang Platform. The beautiful sunrise, the vast sea of clouds, and the mystical Buddha's halo are all part of a memorable and unforgettable journey to the Golden Summit.

Emei Monkeys - Troops of monkeys can be seen on the cliffs and in the valleys of Mt Emei.  They scamper around to welcome tourists.


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