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Qingdao is a picturesque city in Jiaozhu bay of the Jiadong Peninsula .  It has red-tile roofed buildings, verdant trees and pastures, blue seas and sky, and is a popular holiday resort in China . It is one of China 's most important coastal cities; its major industries include port trade, tourisn, and marine scientific research. 

The city of Qingdao has a unique landscape - like that of the European continent - with blue sea and rolling hills.  There are rich tourism resources, colorful tourist activities and fine tourist facilities.  It is a good site for a Study Tour, a Business Tour, or an Industrial Tour. 

Qingdao enjoys a temperate, semi-humid climate.  The waters are warm in August, which makes it ideal for swimming and sunbathing.  Cold months can get a little bit windy.

The best time to visit Qingdao  is from June to September.

Main Attractions:

Mt. Laoshan   - This mountain overlooks the Yellow Sea and is known to be the abode of immortals.   It is famous for its marvelous scenery - odd-shaped rocks and caves, clear streams and waterfalls, and winding paths.  It is also a center of Taoism, having had nine palaces, eight abbeys, and seventy two convents.

Qianhai Pier - This is located in Qingdao Bay , and extends to Zhongshan Road , the busiest section in the city.  The pier has an octagonal pavilion called Huilan Pavilion, which has spiral stairways, where visitors can climb to the top to view the beautiful blue sea.  Zhanqiao Park is at the north of the pier - known for its well-spaced green pines, landscaped lawns, and flowering plants.

Sea Bathing Ground - Qingdao has zigzag coasts and beaches with fine sand and has seven bathing grounds; famous of which are: Huiquan Bathing Ground with its gentle breeze, calm waves, fine sand, exceptionally beautiful scenery, and ideal sanitary facilities; Badaguan, with its fine environment where Mao Zedong and other state leaders once swam;  to the east of Tapingjiao, with its 400-meter-long beach; the Shilaoren Holiday Resort bathing ground which is 2,600 meters long.

Lesser  Qingdao - This is an islet that faces the Qianhai Pier across the sea, with steep rocks and lush green tress. A white pagoda stands in the islet; light from this pagoda is reflected in the water when night falls.

Museum of Marine Products - This consists of an Aquarium which features various marine creatures, and the Exhibition Hall, which provides a display of China 's various species of marine organisms.

Museum of the Navy - It is a special museum that represents the Navy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.  The museum has a ship Exhibition Zone, where submarines, destroyers, and missiles are on display; the Weaponry & Equipment Zone, and the Indoor Exhibition Zone, which shows the history of the Navy.

Badaguan and Taipingjiao - These places are along  Huiquan Bay , and like other streets are named after all passes in China .  They are lined with trees, flowering crabapple trees, cypresses , ginkos, cedars and Chinese parasol trees.  Here, flowers bloom in spring and summer, while maple leaves all turn red during the fall season.  There are more than 200 red-tile roofed villas, which enhance the beauty of the landscape.

Mansion of Commander-in-Chief - This faces Qianwan Bay and its rear on Guanhai Hill.  The structure is built with bricks, stones, iron, and wood similar to the 19th century style buildings in Europe . Inside the mansion is a stairway with 23 granite steps. It became the office of the Qingdao government in 1949.

Zhanshan Temple - This temple was built in 1945 at the foot of Zhanshan Hill, and houses Buddhist Statues in various positions, so with a collection of Buddhist Scriptures.  It also boasts of five courtyards.

New Look of Eastern Qingdao - The urban area on the eastern coast of Qingdao  bears a strong resemblance to the Victorian Bay in Hong Kong . when viewed from the sea.  The area has an offices, trade and finance districts, a coastal resort, luxury apartment buildings, villas, modern high rise buildings, and lawn sculptures, which all form part of Qingdao's modernization.

Shilaoren National Holiday Resort - It is a 10.8 sq-kilometer holiday resort, with zones dedicated to villas, services, sea tourism, sightseeing, and leisure. It is one of the 12 national holiday resorts approved by the State Council in 1992.

Sculpture Street - Along this route are 15 sculpture parks well-places with the urban features and coastal landscapes.  These elegant and artistic sculptures promote Qingdao as a historical and a cultural city.


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