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Gui Lin

Gui Lin

Lying by the Lijiang River, Guilin is located in the northeast fo the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous Region. It is a world-renowned tourist city, with foru distinct seasons and pleasant climate. The unique mountains nearby are wll known, and so are the rivers and the karst caves. Guilin has the reputation of having the country's most beautiful scenery. Main tourist attractions in Guilin include the Li River, Seven-Star Cave, Elephant Trunk Hill, Fubo Hill, Reed Flute Cave, and Solitary Beauty Hill among others. By taking a boat on the Li River, tourists can enjoy the impressive and wonderful scenery on both sides of the river.

The best time to visit Guilin is between April and October. During this time, the area is at its most green.

Main Attractions:

Li River Cruise -
A boat excursion down the Li River to Yangshuo is like traveling along a 50-km-long traditional Chinese painting,displaying elegant hills, beautiful waters, wonderful peaks and fantastic cliffs. When it is drizzling, the hills in the mist look like beautiful young girls covered with thin gauze. Visitors will gasp in admiration at the intriguing and lovely scenery. Watching fisherman catching fish at night is likewise a special treat.

Yangshuo -
It is a beautiful mountain city that looks like a lotus flower in full. Houses are scattered in the lush countryside. It enjoys the reputation of ahving the most beautiful scenery in the Guilin area.

Elephant Trunk Hill -
It sits at the junction of the Li River and the Peach Blossom River. From a distance, a spur of rock which juts out into the river forming an arch, makes the hill look like an elephant drinking water from the river, hence the name. Between the "elephant's trunk" and its "body" is a crescent-shaped gap known as the Cave of the Reflected Moon. It is an enchanting spot to visit in a boat on a moonlit night.

Reed Flute Cave -
It is a magnificent lomestone karst cave, which embracesf a large number of stalactites and stalagmites, many of which are formed into intriguing shapes such as bamboo shoots, pillar, curtains and flowers - forming more than 30 scenic spots such as the "Rising Sun over the Lion Forest", " Hanging Waterfalls", "Virgin Forest", and "Crystal Palace. Hence, Reed Flute Cave is known as a "Palace of Natural Art".

Seven-Star Rock -
Half way up the western side of Mount Putuo stands this largest karst in Guilin. Numerous stalactites and stalagmites formed 40 scenic spots, such as "Ancient Banyan Tree Welcoming Guests", "Flooded Jinshan Hill", 'Lions Playing with a Ball, "Magpie Bridge in the Milky Way", and "Guanghan Palace". Outside the cave are scenic spots such as Camel Hill and Hidden Dragon cave.

Seven-Star Park -
It is the largest comprehensive park in Guilin. It integrates hills, waters, caves, courtyards and cultural relics into one - Putuo Hill known for its karst caves, pavilions, and towers, Camel Hill,which looks like a camel lying on the ground, Seven-Star Cave with a sightseeing route of 814 meters, and Dragon Hiding Cave. Its famous architecture inlcudes the 134-meter-long Flower Bridge surrounded by colorful flowers.

Terraced Fields at Longji Village -
100 km away from Guilin is Longsheng County. in the county is Longji Village, known for its terraced fields. The terraced fields spiral from the foot of the mountain to the topforming a magnificent scene. Here, perople can hear beautiful folk songs, taste mellow wine,and appreciate unique ethnic costumes.

Foreigners Street -
Foreign tourists often come to West Yangshuo Street to have a rest, taste local snacks, and appreciate Oriental flavor.


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