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Xiamen is one of the five economic development zones in China and a major port city opening to the rest of the world. Years of capital construction and foreign trade polices have turned Xiamen into a prosperous city that it now.  It has good transportation facilities - highway and railroad systems, passenger liners ply between the city and Shanghai , Guangzhou and Hong Kong, 35 foreign and domestic routes connect Xiamen to Singapore , Jakarta , manila, Hong Kong, Beijing , and Shanghai .

Ethnic Celebrations and Festivals are: The Lantern Festival - held everywhere in Xiamen on the night of the 15th day of the first lunar month, where visitors can eat sweet dumplings and watch art performances and fireworks; The Dragon Boat Festival - held at the Jimei Dragon Boat Pool on the 5th day of the fifth lunar month, where everyone makes zongzi (pyramid-shaped dumplings);  The Mid-Autumn Festival - held on the 15th day of the eight lunar month, where visitors can go moon watching, see concert performances, and have a taste of the different varieties of moon cakes.

Xiamen has a subtropical monsoon climate.  In summer, cool moist winds blow from the southeast.  In winter, the north wind is blocked by the hills.  Its climatic conditions assure a large abundance of flowers and greens in the city.  Xiamen is perfect for the average tourist, with comfortable temperatures throughout the entire year. 

Main Attractions:

Gulangyu - The Park by the Sea, is an island named after the drumbeat-like slap of waves on the cave walls.  There are several well-known historical sites: Sunlight Crag, Shuzhuang Garden , Zheng Chengggong Memorial Hall, Bright Moon Park , Yanping Park , Subtropical Botanic Garden , and  Xiamen Museum among others. This is the home of many musicians, so the pleasant sounds of pianos, violins, guitars, accordions, and flutes can be heard in the residential areas.  The Seaside Bathing Beach is also a major tourist destination.  

South Pu Tuo Temple - This is situated at the foot of Wulao Hill.  It is an ancient monastery built in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), which is a major destination site or Buddhist pilgrims in the province.  It is built against the hill facing the sea, thus, making it a great attraction to tourists.  The temple houses the Celestial King's Hall, the Mahavira Hall, the Dabei Hall, and a depository of Buddhist Sutra, where behind it are many stone carvings.  Inside the temple are the South-Fujian Buddhism Institute and a well-known vegetarian restaurant.

Jimei School Town - This is the birthplace of Chen Jiakeng, a patriotic overseas Chinese national who established dozens of secondary schools, technical schools, and other schools of higher learning in his hometown.  Such schools are the : Xiamen College of Maritime Products, Fujian Academy of Physical Culture, Jimei School for Overseas Chinese, Jimei Teachers" College, and Jimei School of Navigation, with a total of about 10,000 teachers and students.  Southwest of the town is the famous Aoyuan Park .

Ten Thousand Stone Park - A strange gathering of landscape that lies 1 kilometer from the downtown area.  The scenery is exceptionally charming with barren rocky hills, granite rocks partly hidden under the green bushes, grottoes in grotesque shapes, and spring waters bubbling from deep valleys.  In the park is Xiamen Botanical Garden which has 4,000 plants, hills and waters with decorative towers and pavilions.

Hulishan Fort - It is a military camp built in 1891, which covers an area of about 10,000 square meters.  In front of the fort is a high-retraction telescope, where visitors can view the neighboring islands.

Island Tours - Xiamen area has a collection of 116 reef islets scattered around the island.  The numerous bays are wonderful tourist spots, where visitors can sail out to sea and enjoy its nature and beauty.


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