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Located on the northern part of Zhangjiajie City in Hunan Province , it enjoys a comfortable climate and picturesque landscape.  It is composed of the Zhangjiajie National Forest park, Suoxi Valley Nature reserve and Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve.  There are 3,000 towering peaks and 800 streams, waterfalls, forests, caves, and lakes in this scenic area. Zhangjiajie has attracted numerous tourists with its wonderful scenery.

The Tujia, Bai, and Miao are the three main ethnic minority groups that live here, with the Han Nationality.  Visitors will be entertained by the different folk customs, clothing, dance, and music of these natives.

Zhangjiajie has a convenient means of transportation, with its highways extending in all directions.  Trains routes also extend to various cities, and its airport, the newly expanded Zhangjiajie Lotus Airport now has different airline routes in various destinations such as Beijing , Shanghai . Hong Kong, Macau , Thailand , Dalian , and Guangzhou .

Zhangjiajie is part of the subtropical zone giving a comfortable four seasons.  It has pleasant weather conditions throughout the year. The seasons are all comfortable with long periods of cool and calm weather. The best time to visit though is April and October when the scenery is most beautiful.

Main Attractions :

* Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

 Yellow Stone Stronghold   - It provides the largest platform for sightseeing with its 5,000-meter long tourist way for tourists to have a panoramic view of the whole park. While on the platform, one can also enjoy the wonderful sunrise in the early mornings, and the have a glimpse of the stars in the evenings. 

Tranquil Path Among Chinese Fir Forests -  This path has over 1.3 million square meters of man-made Chinese fir forests.  This scenery changes in spring or autumn, and during the sunny or windy days.

Golden Whip Stream - The stream got its name from the Golden Whip Rock where it flows, where one can see towering peaks and stone pillars. There are old trees and rare flowers that abound harmoniously with the birds and other rare animals.

Golden Whip Rock Guarded by Sacred Eagle - This rock is more than 300 meters high, larger at the bottom and smaller on the top. It looks like a golden whip standing upside down, as seen under the heat of the sun. On its north stands a peak looking like a fierce eagle guarding the golden whip.

First Bridge Under Heaven - Two peaks are linked by a natural stone bridge which is 2 meters wide, 20 meters long, and 350 meters high.  There are tall pine trees amd vines suspending down from the edge of the bridge.  Up here, one will see mirage rising, hear the whistling of the trees, and feel the shaking of the bridge.

Shuiraosimen - It has many towering peaks, winding streams, tall pine trees, verdant forests, fragrant wild fruits, colorful flowers, wild, steep, beautiful and delicate scenery.

Rear Garden - Legend says that it is the hunting ground of King Xiangwang, a leader of the Tujia ethnic minority in the Ming Dynasty.  It has two arched entrances, with beautiful trees, singing birds, and gurgling streams.

* Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve

Shentangwan - It is a natural barrel-shaped sunken place with steep cliffs around it.

Gathering of Celestial Generals and Soldiers - Tourists can see some 100 stone peaks that stand in a deep valley, which looks like a group of celestial generals and soldiers.  Legend says that it was the gathering of powerful generals and soldiers of king Xiangwang. These stone peaks are so concentrated and magnificent, and is a rare sight in Wulingyuan.

Imperial Brush Peak - A typical sandstone peak in Wulingyuan, this peak is known as one of the best wonders under heaven.  A legend says that after King Xiangwang died, his brush turned into this stone peak and stayed together with Shentangwan. This only shows how people's imagination here are full of emotions.

Field in the Air -  It is a piece of paddy field on the mountain valley surrounded by magnificent peaks on all three sides. Here several farmers of Tujia ethnic minority sow in the spring and harvest during autumn.

* Suoxi Valley Nature Reserve 

Yellow Dragon Cave - It is also named Yellow Dragon Spring and is one of the most famous spots in the Wulingyuan Scenic Area.  The cave has a reservoir, two streams, three ponds, four waterfalls, 13 halls, 98 corridors, nearly 1,000 pools, and 10,000 stalactite columns.  the cave in itself is magnificent and fascinating.

Baofeng Lake - This is a lake surrounded by beautiful peaks, dense forests, with green islets resembling pearls on the lake. What make the scenery even more charming is the reflection of the mountains on the clear waters of the lake.


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